Stand out, pitch better, and boost your impact.

Founders leave money and opportunities on the table by not effectively sharing the passion and value behind their business. We help capture in words and visuals  your  vision for sustainable impact, growth, and profitabiliity.

Trusted by 30+ brands from around the world


/pəˈzɪʃənɪŋ/ • Noun

Defining why you are the best at something and the foundation of all marketing efforts. 

Positioning is known to make or break a startup, and businesses that own their mission do better – purpose leads to profit. 


of customers have stronger bonds to purpose driven brands


higher customer lifetime value


uptick in business valuation

The positioning deep dive

Transform your brand into a confident, disruptive movement that customers and investors love.

  • Clear and confident messaging,
  • Conversion-optimised website,
  • Impactful pitch deck
  • Marketing strategies to cut through the noise.

Good positioning is game changing tool to:


Lower customer acquisition costs


Boost brand loyalty amongst customers


Improve conversion rates


Increase team retention & motivation

Improve your website after just one call

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What’s in it for us? Your genuine feedback. We’re learning how we can serve our customers better.

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Hi, I’m Pri

Being raised by a rocket-scientist mother has taught me that no problem is without a solution. I’ve cofounded two companies, worked with 30+ businesses from around the world, and mentored several early stage founders.

In my entrepreneurial journey I often found myself asking “why is it so hard to do good things.” Frustrated, I decided to step back from running a marketing agency to empower purpose-driven founders through Horenso. My clients collectively share a vision of creating a better world for everyone.

Transformed brands transform the world

“Priyanka’s holistic insight into online user experiences is phenomenal, specifically influences on the gen-z and millennial generations. It was fascinating to learn how she rewrites the problems to create solutions.

John Cantisani, Hermes Marketing

“I was impressed by how quickly she got what I was after and with how much flexibility there was in the process. As an early stage founder, I know my business will evolve and Pri was great at working with me in a way that left space for that. It’s a gift!”

Mara Livermore, House of SweetWaters

“Horenso and Pri were an absolute pleasure to work with. Pri walked us through every step of the process of our new site from idea stage to completed product with clearly defined objectives and updates. We cannot recommend them enough.”
Cory Leff, Hyacinth Capital Advisors
“Priyanka had deep insights into what a
GenZ community like ours should look like. She understands what makes and breaks a brand.”

Harish Utthayakumar, BlueLearn

Hyacinth Capital got a glow-up (and a new website)

Baux stayed grounded and fresh with its branding

Norland Achieved a 50% email open rate

We help founders focus on impact

Inspired by the impact scalable solutions can have on the world, we’re passionate about empowering and assisting those that share this vision and are striving to create a better world, one business at a time. Our goal is to fit in and fill a gap that you have- like cofounders or a marketing team without all the extra hassle.

Hō-Ren-Sō (報・連・相)

A japanese business mantra founded on three major principles

Hōkoku ・ Report

The power of recognising a problem and communicating it.

Renraku ・ Inform

The unbiased communication of facts and research. No opinions.

Sodan ・ Consult

Find solutions together and enact them in impactful ways.