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Norland is a platform where creators and entrepreneurs can share their work story. Instead of just focusing on tenures like a resume does, Norland helps you show your work and journey so others can learn from it too.

“We worked with Priyanka on Norland’s newsletter. Priyanka performed very well during the job. She always listened to feedback and kept good communication.”

Omer Taban, Founder

The Problem

Omer, Norland’s founder met us when he wanted feedback on his site. Omer’s goal was to boost norland’s brand image and connect with customers better in his marketing and thought a newsletter would be ideal. However, his audience was varied and we had to be able to deliver value each week. 


  • Connect with customers and showcase norland as an authority in the world of startup journeys
  • Write a weekly newsletter that helps entrepreneurs learn and grow their business
  • Iterate based on the progress of the newsletter and brainstorm ideas for growth
  • Create weekly content to be shared across Norland’s social channels to distrubute the newsletter


  • 51% open-rate on one email and an average 40% open rate. (for context, the industry average for newsletters is 21%)
  • Weekly newsletters delivered on time with interesting topics each week
  • Different content types/ideas to iterate and improve the newsletter
  • User research to understand what can be improved