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We’re not just an agency

Working closely with founders and businesses fuels us to find creative solutions –  we’re huge fans of the intuitive insight founding teams bring to problem solving. Our goal is to fit in and fill a gap that you have- like cofounders or a marketing team without all the extra hassle. 

Hō-Ren-Sō (報・連・相)

A japanese business mantra founded on three major principles

Hōkoku ・ Report

The power of recognising a problem and communicating it.

Renraku ・ Inform

The unbiased communication of facts and research. No opinions.

Sōdan ・ Consult

To work together to find solutions and enact them in impactful ways.

The Mission

We believe that businesses can be a force for good and effective change in the world. The potential of innovation and scalable solutions holds the key to tackling all the issues humanity collectively faces. From sustainability, wellness and social impact -we’re inspired to do what we can to uplift and support these businesses. 

Finding its roots as a marketing agency, Horenso is all about ethical and sustainable growth. There’s immense power in education, information and clearly communicative value. And that’s what we do – providing the tools and expertise that’s necessary for aligned companies to grow, prosper and compete in the global market.

Meet Pri

I grew up in India seeing vast differences in privilege, equity and awareness. I’ve seen the impact that communication can have- especially in the business world and how it shapes the choices people make.

Often marketing comes with poor connotations of manipulation and deceit, but it doesn’t have to be that way. I believe that if mission-driven businesses are able to access the expertise they need to clearly communicate what they stand for and why they’re the better choice, we can create a world where customers value the mission too. 

Enough about us.

Let’s talk about you.